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This is the third website we have built for The American Car Garage. Although all three webistes have been content manageable, the bespoke system was twelve years old and was definitely in need of an upgrade.


The obvious solution was wordpress – not only did it give a much more comprehensive CMS but it added a far greater scope for SEO. We put this site at the top of Google for their major search terms over ten years ago and we have kept them ever since. WordPress has defintily helped with this.



The ACG told us that the new wordpress CMS is a great improvement – not only is it easier to handle but he can also upload inventory remotely by phone and tablet and crucially connect directly to their eBay shop.

“We have know and done business with Martin from Carrdale for over twenty years, throughout which he has provided a consistently high standard of service in both Web design and development. He has been ready to assist swiftly whenever asked and suggest different strategies and options for any of our marketing needs. We would unreservidly recommend Martin/Carrdale to anyone require a higly professional but friendly Web support.”