Will we be in a contract?

No, all our SEO packages are on a rolling month basis. You can pause your campaign at anytime, all we require is one month’s written notice.

How long before we see results?

Unsurprisingly this is our most frequently asked ‘frequently asked question‘ and, unfortunately, there’s no absolute answer. You should always think in terms of at least six months for a campaign, generally we do see good movement in around month three.

I get emails from people who say they can get us page one results much more quickly. Why shouldn’t I hire them?

There really is no quick way up the SEO mountain. It’s about gradual and incremental progress. There may be ‘tricks’ you can play to get fast results but these usually have a negative effect and can even lead to having your site blacklisted.

How do you choose keywords / keyphrases?

Selecting what to optimise is a combination of what we know people are searching for, how many other sites are chasing these keywords and your budget. The most important principle however is to choose words that will drive genuine and relevant traffic to your site.

Some of the keywords that have been selected don’t look like what I think people are searching for?

We never cease to be surprised by the difference between what a client believes users are searching in google and what they actual search. Our keyword selections are based on data not on hunches.

Can I change Keywords in my Campaign?

We believe that our initial research will identify the best keywords for your business. However, we do accept that things can change. We are continually reviewing our SEO campaigns and are quite happy to change things if necessary.

Can I add Keywords to my Campaign?

Of course. Our packages are divided into generous keyword amounts. You can add keywords at anytime up to the amount specified in your package.

In what order do you apply your SEO tactics?

In short – in the order we believe will get the best results. It rather depends on where your business is at at the start of the campaign and what the goals are. Sometimes we will get stuck into on-page techniques on day one, sometimes link building may be more important.

Will I get regular reports?

We will produce a monthly status report explaining what we have been doing and showing previous versus new rankings.

I have an Adwords account – should I stop this when starting an SEO campaign?

Not necessarily and certainly not immediately if you can afford not to. SEO results can take time and so Adwords is a great way to fill in the lag between starting an SEO campaign and getting results. Adwords are also a really good guide to what keywords work for your business so having an active campaign is a huge help with SEO. We can also manage your Adwords campaigns for you.

Will I have to keep spending?

If you want to maintain your hard earned rankings then the short answer is yes. The competition is such that if you achieved page one status, then so can your competitors. There may be no harm in pausing the campaign for a short while, but I have never known a campaign that was stopped completely not result in loss of rankings.

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