Why Working With Us is Different

Before we launch any site, we have a pre-flight programme which we believe is unique. By which we mean that we’re not aware of any other web design company that does this in quite the way we do.

The list involves over 40 checks which, when complete, will give you one of the smoothest functioning, efficient, stable and, above all, safest websites on the Internet. Here’s just ten of them:

  1. Google, the basics  – SEO and online marketing are an issue in their own right. However, at launch all our sites will have:
    • Domain name Google Verified
    • Google Analytics set up
    • A properly directed Google map
    • Basic Google mybusiness settings completed
  2. Broken Link Checks – there’s nothing more annoying than an ‘Oops, the content you are looking for appears not to be here … 404’. We run a test on the entire site to make sure everything is joined up.
  3. Spell Checking we check every page of your site.
  4. Old Site Back Up If you’re upgrading your site we make sure that your old one is backed up and saved. There’s nearly always some content you’ve forgotten to copy over.
  5. Redirects Also if you’re upgrading your site, we make sure your old pages are re-directed to the new content. No point in losing all your Google juice if Google can’t find the page they used to rank highly.
  6. Contact Check We call your phone numbers, send emails to your published email address and send messages from all the contact forms on your site. Egg on your face if your phone number goes through to the local library – easily done.
  7. Social Network Links Do the social network icons on your site actually link to your content? We always check this.
  8. Green Padlock (https) Every site should now have a green padlock to the left of the URL in the browser address bar. It’s good practice and Google kind of insist. We make sure all our sites have one.
  9. Cookie Opt-in By law, if you are using cookies on your site then you must have a cookie opt-in/out. All our sites do use cookies and so all our sites go live with the cookie message.
  10. If hosting with us (95% of customers do) You will enjoy the following:
    • Fast, secure and reliable UK based hosting
    • Your site will be opened by us twice a week and all elements that require an upgrade will be installed and checked
    • Anti-malware firewall
    • Daily back-ups to a local server and at least twice weekly back up to a cloud server
    • Prompts and tips from us throughout the year on how to improve your website and its traffic