Our Unique Hosting package

The world of web hosting seems to be a race to the bottom in terms of pricing. This is a shame. Your website is one of the single most important aspects of your business, it's usually the first thing that potential clients see and most often the reason they get in touch. A shame then to leave it to a hosting company that only cares about charging you as little as possible. You do, after all, get what you pay for. Hosting with us comes with a package of features which, when put all together, we believe is unique for security, reliability and support.


We host on servers based in the North West of England. They are reliable, fast and secure.


The way that your website is arranged on the server is unusual and specifically designed with security in mind.


When hosting with us you will automatically be included in our maintenance programme. This is the beating heart of our service designed to keep your website and give you maximum peace of mind on-track

  • Biweekly checks: Your website is opened twice a week by a human-being and all plugins, themes and software versions are updated as necessary. Outdated software is the single biggest source of malware injections.
  • Regular Backups: Your website is backed up in two places; daily on the hosting server itself and to a third party cloud server, the frequency of which is determined by your needs.
  • Anti-malware protection: It's a sad fact that however vigilant you are, hackers are successful at least some of the time. Often these malware attacks are undetected in so far as they don't affect the functioning of the site. However they could be doing untold damage to your domain's reputation. With our hosting your site is regularly scanned for malware.
  • Clean up and Restore: Should your site be infected we will restore from the backup to a version that is clean and then undertake to clean up the infected code and repair the vulnerability (certain terms and conditions apply, see particularly section 19 of our terms & conditions.


Our site monitoring function means that in the highly unlikely event of your site going down we will be the first to know and will be on to fixing it as soon as is practically possible.


Our support is not just about what to do if things go wrong. Whilst we are regularly checking your site we constantly on the look out for ways of improving things. Don't be surprised if you get a call making suggestions, based on your analytics, on how you can improve things such as enquiries and conversions. Telephone support is available from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday throughout the year.