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Sussexparishchurches.org is a labour of love cataloguing
almost 500 chuurches in East and West Sussex.

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John came to us because his original website had been hacked and taken down by the host. Our first task was to recover the database and clean up the code. Once we had done this we set about creating a new, more secure site.


We chose a wordpress site for its excellent content management system as the author needs to frequently update the churches when enthusiasts email him new information and images.



Sussexparishchurches.org is the busiest website we host, receiving over 3000 unique visits per month from around the world. John has been highly delighted that not only does he have a secure website, covered by a powerful web firewall – which we set up and installed – but also one that is easy to edit for a self-confessed non-techie.

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